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Web Grip Reins

Price : CDN: $85 USA: $64 EURO: $58

Quality Details:

  • - Square raised panels with fancy stitching to match our bridles
  • - Australian Nut Sedgwick premium English leather
  • - Quality leather that will stand the test of time
  • - Cleans and conditions beautifully
  • - Premium leather stitching used throughout
  • - All leather edges are machine burnished
  • - Solid stainless steel hardware throughout
  • - All fancy stitching done by computer controlled application
  • - Hand stops are on 4" centers, 6 stops per side
  • - Stud hook ends
  • - Martingale stops
  • - Bit ends are a double layer of leather
  • - Lund's product return policy, available here

    Length Options: 54", 57" and 60"

    • *** Please note that we sell in Canadian Dollars and prices listed in USA$ and the Euro are an estimate only based on typical currency conversions ***

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